AHIF Sustainability In Action: Innovative Ideas In The Spotlight

Think Green Think Innovation

The Bench is passionate about supporting new creative and sustainable ideas and providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their business model to a senior panel of judges.

The “Think Green, Think Innovation!” competition in an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators to showcase their sustainable products and technology solutions that have the potential to revolutionize and reduce environmental impact of the hospitality industry in Africa.

Register For Sustainability Competition

Why Think Green, Think Innovation!:

The hospitality industry is a large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and it is essential to encourage and support sustainable practices that reduce energy and water consumption, minimize waste generation, and decrease the total carbon footprint.

Who should apply:

If you have an innovative idea or technology that aims to reduce the environmental impact of the hospitality industry while maintaining or improving guest experience, we invite you to register for this competition and become one of our “Think Green, Think Innovation” contestants.

The applied products and technologies could range from energy-efficient systems, waste reduction solutions, sustainable food production practices to smart building systems.

Why should you apply:

Here are some reasons why you should participate in the “Think Green, Think Innovation” at AHIF 2023:

  • The opportunity to share your business concept to industry delegates attending AHIF and the judges
  • The presentation of your innovation on the AHF main stage
  • You will be provided with a complimentary ticket to attend AHIF

Session Details

Tuesday, 13 June


Interested candidates will make their submission before May 31. After which, our judges, which consist of hospitality industry and sustainability experts, will select 3 finalists. The three finalists will be informed by May 30th. The winner will be given 5 minutes to present the concept, business model and supporting numbers on stage at AHIF in Nairobi. The presentation will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session by the Judges.

  1. Environmental impact: it will reduce hotel carbon footprint by min 15%
  2. Integration: it will take less than 6 months to be integrated in the existing property (for new properties there is no time frame needed)
  3. Feasibility: it will pay off within maximum of 5 years
  4. Innovation: a similar product/ technology has not been introduced to the African market more than 6 months ago

You must apply before 31 May 2023 to be considered for our shortlist.

Note: Shortlisting is at the discretion of the session judges and organising team.